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Tax Income Reports
Get your biggest tax refund

The Vaughn Difference

I launched Vaughn Pro Tax because I saw far too many folks getting less than they deserve or having returns filed incorrectly. I am here to ensure that your tax returns are prepared carefully, accurately and with your best interests in mind. 

I stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the complexities and dtake the time to answer any questions that you have so that you know the status of your return every step of the way. 


Personal Tax


1099 Contractors  

Earned Income Credit 

Child and Dependent Care Credit

Child Tax Credit 

Education Credits


Retirement and Pension Income 

Social Security


Home Office

... and much more

Small Business Tax

Schedule C

Rental Properties 

Passthrough K-1s 

Single Member LLCs


Small S-Corps 

... and much more

Tax Planning

Know up front how changes

in tax laws, your income and your individual situation will impact your tax return for the next year. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Covid shouldn't impact my taxes next year... right?

Covid can absolutely have impacts on next year's tax returns.The relief programs that have already been implemented such as unemployment benefits, small business grants and relief packages as well as those that still remain to be decided could impact millions of tax filers next year. I spend countless hours staying up to date with new and emerging laws that can impact you so that I can best help you file your return. 

Will I have to pay taxes on the Stimulus check I got?

The stimulus checks sent to many taxpayers as a part of the Cares Act is not taxable. Think of it was a tax credit that was paid out in advance. As such, it will need to be reported on your 2020 individual income tax return.

My friends always get huge refunds but I never get much of anything, why is that?


There are lots of reasons that people get varying refunds or owe different amounts of tax. Even people who seem similar in age, location and income can have very different circumstances that impact their tax return. Another common reason is that many tax filers miss deductions that they may be eligible for, leaving money on the table. I work with you to determine how to get all of the deductions you can to get your biggest refund.

I'm self employed and don't keep "books". I just have my receipts. Can you help?

Not having "books" is not as uncommon as you think. It's an additional expense that many new businesses wait on. Many times I can get all most of what is required from receipts. And will work with you to get any additional information that is needed about your business financials to get your return filed accurately. 

I haven't filed in several years. Do you file old returns?

Absolutely! I can file two years prior electronically and those older than two years can be filed through the mail.

What is I don't have the money to pay for tax preparation right now?

Many individuals may not have the money to afford tax preparation right away. I offer services that allow you to have your tax preparation fees taken from your income tax refund so you can still get your refund as quickly as possible. 

I've heard about refund advances. Do you offer those?

Some preparers offer services that allow individuals to get their refund upfront while waiting for the IRS to release their payment. These advances are often through short term loans with very high interest. A part of my mission to is always operate in my customer's best interest and as a result I am not able to offer refund advances in good conscience. 

I do, however, offer the ability to send documents to me electronically. This allows me to file many returns same day. And with modern e-file, most of my clients receive their refund in about 14-21 days. 

Don't rush and miss out on your deductions, call today!

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