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Making business ideas reality

Experience Meets Care

Vaughn Business Consulting combines decades entrepreneurial experience with the mentorship and coaching in order to provide you with customized, specific guidance on how to start your business. 

In addition to helping you to improve your confidence and develop "a boss" mindset, I build a plan of actionable steps to execute your vision. Whether you are at the idea stage or ready to get launched, I am able to help you realize your dream and reduce the risk.

Expertise in your industry

Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the difference between a coach and a consultant? And why do I need one?

Many times the term coach and consultant are used to describe the same thing. But in actuality they are very different. Below are some key differences between a business coach and business consultant.


Business Coach

  • Primarily works on the person such as influencing behavior needed to be successful

  • Empowers clients to seek out their own learning and execute their work

  • Doesn't have to be an expert 

Business consultant

  • Provides specific solutions for complex problems

  • Works with the client to create a strategy and implement the work (either for the client or guiding the client) 

  • Needs to have expertise in the area that the client wishes to learn

Neither of them is better or worse than the other. The primary difference is where they are focused. My personal consultant approach does combine some elements of coaching because I believe it is also important to care for the human while removing the barrier.


If you are trying to start a business but do not know how to actually get it started (believe it or nor, Google may have the specific answers you need) then you need a business consultant. 


What if I don't have a lot of money?

Starting a business is actually doesn't have to break the bank! There are tons of free tools out there for emerging businesses. I can help you find ways that you can start small and invest more in your business overtime. I can also help you calculate the upfront costs to start your business.

I work and have a family too. How can I make time for this?

A lot of entrepreneurs "boot strap" funding their business venture or must work in order to support themselves and their families while their business gets off the ground. I work with you to determine what we can reasonably accomplish in the time that you do have so that you are still making progress in a way that works for you. Assistant services are also available to help complete some tasks on your behalf, saving you even more time. 

I think my idea is pretty good but how can I be sure if people will actually buy it?

I have proven, low-cost ways in which you can quickly test your market before making a significant investment and gain insights on how you can adjust, if needed, in order to attract your ideal customer. 

In the current environment, aren't business failing? Is now a good time to start a business?

It is true that Covid-19 has resulted in business closures and failure. However, many business have been able to find flexible solutions to still operating successfully. Depending on the type of business that you are trying to start as well as your goals, now could be a great time to start a business. My approach is to keep the entrepreneur's best interest in mind at all times, even if that means recommending that their specific business type wait until we get through the pandemic. 

I know I want to start this business but where do I start? 

You've made a great first step in seeking out a consultant! I work with you to outline step by step what you should do to start your business. But this is no laundry list of generic "to-do"s! I tell you the order you should complete things, provide instructions, set goals for when to have them completed and help to remove obstacles/questions that you have. It has never been easier to confidently start your own business!

What am I required to have for my business?

There is no one-size fits all when starting a business. What is required for one business in one location may not be required for another. Which is why I spend time during our consultation to learn about the business you are trying to start and what is most important to you in order to determine the steps that you should take to get started. 

What are you waiting for?!!

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